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Chimney Repairs Buckhurst Hill

A chimney is a very important part of any home, but it often goes ignored until something goes wrong. If you don’t know how to tell whether you need a chimney repair for problems or if you are unsure about the best way to repair it, Buckhurst Hill Roofing Pros are here to help.
If you notice any of the following problems, contact a chimney repair company as soon as possible:

  • Your fireplace is difficult to light or produces smoke that’s full of sparks.
  • The flue smokes at all times, not just when your fire is lit.
  • You see soot on the inside walls and ceiling near your fireplace.
  • A draft blows out instead of up the flue into and through a pipe in an upper story room. Soot accumulates outside under the bottom ledge rather than only inside under it.
  • It takes too long for heat generated by burning fuel to reach other rooms (except where there are radiators).  The important thing to note is that  you should be able to easily light the fire, and when it’s burning there shouldn’t be any sparks coming out of the chimney. If at all possible, have someone operate your fireplace while you try lighting it for a few minutes beforehand so they can see if anything problematic occurs. You also need to make sure that smoke is going up into and through a flue in an upper story room (or pipe) rather than only accumulating outside under the bottom ledge or on other surfaces inside your home. It should take no more than fifteen minutes after lighting your fire before heat generated by burning fuel reaches other rooms. If you notice the potential need for a chimney repair, contact Buckhurst Hill Roofing Pros now.

What is a Chimney

The chimney is the most important part of any fireplace. A chimney needs to be well constructed, and for this reason it is best that a professional company like Buckhurst Hill Roofing Pros to do the work. The construction process begins with laying down bricks or stones in a dry-laid style to create the inner layer of mortar. Once that layer has been created, then there are two ways to build up the rest of the chimney: either by making use of pre-made industrial brick units or by using locally sourced materials like stone and clay.

  •  Pre-made brick units are made up of standard clay bricks that have been fired in a kiln and then cut to fit. They are laid down with mortar, creating an inner layer before the rest is built on top.
  • Local materials like stone and clay can be used by lining these things together while they’re still wet so there’s not need for any mortar or cement at all. This means it will take longer to construct but also leaves behind less mess when it comes time to dismantle the chimney.

Chimney Flaunching Repairs

Chimney flaunching: Rain and strong winds usually cause cracking in old flaunching and harsh temperatures can make these cracks worse. Flaunching is a horizontal parapet, or wall jutting out from the exterior of a chimney in order to deflect rain and wind. It can be made of brick, stone, concrete blocks or metal panels.

Sometimes it’s necessary for your flaunching to be repaired with patches that are secured by mortar. If you live in an area where snow gets heavy during winter months, then these cracks may need additional attention if they have not been addressed already. The presence of water seeping through old cracked masonry should also be noted as this will only increase deterioration over time – especially when frost heave creates pressure on weakened joints between bricks which causes them to crack further apart. A chimney repair will be needed if this scenario occurs.

Chimney Repairs Are Essential In Rainy, Windy Areas

A Chimney repair is a good idea if you live in an area like Buckhurst Hill with extreme weather such as heavy snowfall or rain. Rusty, crumbling mortar should be replaced before it is able to cause more significant damage. Cracks and leaks may need caulking or other waterproof material applied to them. It’s important that your chimney repair happens quickly because of the dangers from cracked masonry caused by water seeping through old joints between bricks which causes them to crack further apart when they’re subjected to frost heave.

Chimney Capping: These capings prevent water, draughts and other leakages from entering the chimneys and coming into contact with your heating equipment. How will we carry out a chimney repair? The first step of any repair is always a survey which usually takes around 30 minutes where our specialist engineer will inspect the condition of the chimney and what exactly needs doing. Contact Buckhurst Hill Roofing Pros now!